The point of creating is to impress upon minds, while promoting a visual change; My greatest passion is to create exploring and unveiling various visual states that are being examined in relation to beauty, rejuvenation, transformation and ultimately self. My images are reflective of my environment expressed in abstract form. The abstract photographs are the creation of images during film development gone awry and opens the eyes of the viewer connecting with the audience.

It’s my goal to evoke curiosity and instill new visual references. The work I do allows me to create a filing system for my mind; I categorize my thoughts and mental investigations. As a member of this society I ultimately convey a larger more involved message in visual context. Social and spiritual limitations that encourage me are the fabric of my being. The explorations of these subjects are carried out with the intent of evoking thought in the viewer and to imply an interconnected link in the human race. Thus, my artistic practice motivates me to capture and create works that are visually intriguing. Challenging age old beliefs and pushing down barriers that have been built up over the ages are captured within the images.

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