Anitra Michelle



Born Southfield, Michigan.  Raised in Maryland.

Graduates from Howard University with a Dual degree in Biology & Chemistry.  After deciding to pursue a career in Design pushed her to attend Fashion Institute in New York. 

In a radical change of profession, hereby encouraged by interest & LOVE for Creativity/Design, she becomes a womenswear designer in 2006, as a Patternmaker’s apprentice at the design studio of Vera Wang.  While working on the presentation Fall & Spring, she was approached to work as a part of the team at Karl Lagerfeld to launch US business.  Later, working with Lanvin (under Alber Elbaz) to launch U.S. Showroom/Market.

She becomes a full time Womenswear designer in 2006 and launches her PLUTOCRACY label.

Designs the Womenswear outfits for Alvin Ailey – Fall 2010 and Spring 2011.

Nominated as Fashion Group International, Rising Star Award for Womenswear, New York, New York in January 2011.

She leaves New York for nearly 2 years during which time she attends Parsons Paris/Paris College of Art.

While living in Paris, Anitra, began searching for higher creative ideals exploring Design, Photography & Painting.

During this time she hangs two Paris shows, Nuit Blanche collaboration and LePave Gallery.

Upon returning to New York, she presents ‘Ab’strakshen’, a body of work of Abstract Photography coinciding with her label's venture into Textile Design. Celebrating her widening the Design sensibilities and Creativity gap.

Launched Anitra Michelle Collection/Anitra Michelle HOMME as Founder/Creative Director (menswear and womenswear) launched in August 2016


I serve and represent the I AM.

ANITRA MICHELLE is the independence of expectations and societal standards. We are independent, ambitious, and curious and approach life on our own terms.  We value individuality and authenticity in character. 

Remembering to set their own boundaries and follows their own rules.  We don’t look to society to tell us who we are to become.  We don’t conform.  WE don’t immulate and we definitely don’t apologize. We are ‘The ORIGINALS’.

We are diverse groups of style mavens, cultural havens, go-getters and doers, who push to have lives full of experiences, while searching for TRUTH. 

We travel within our minds-eye and to destinations that arouse curiosity, but refuse to be defined by geography. We believe these travels allow them to expand their visions and experiences

ANITRA MICHELLE supports the belief that individuality, authenticity and ingenuity are the new measure of wealth. Experiences are the new assets to acquire and those who are authentic to them will win.

ANITRA MICHELLE, celebrates being authentic and those people who do push society forward. The Thought leaders. The Tastemakers, The Style Mavens.  The Individuals.  The Originals.  Those who live a life built through experiences, knowledge and position to move through life comfortable in their own skin. 

You are Royalty, You are a NECESSARY.

You are Original.